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Memorial Middle School Program Challenge is making an effort to make a difference in the community and in the environment. The Program Challenge group is participating in the Disney Planet Challenge. For this challenge, we are cleaning up our future nature trail in order to use it as an outdoor science classroom shared between Salem High School and Memorial Middle School. During this time, we will be starting a recycling program at our school. We will also try to get in contact with our local newspaper, start our own school newspaper, and also start the first ever Channel Earth news show that will broadcast once a week. This is a huge roll we are taking part in, and we must take charge to make this work. We will have many various companies to help us with the work, supplies, etc. There will be continuious updates on this wiki to inform you how, we as a middle school group, will make a huge difference.

Disney Planet ChallengeEdit

"Disney`s Planet Challenge (DPC) is a project-based learning environmental program for classrooms across the United States. DPC teaches kids about science and conservation while empowering them to make a positive impact on their communtities and planet.

Disney`s Planet Challenge is brought to you by Disney`s Friends for Change, a multi-platform initiative that inspires kids and families around the worls to help people, communities, and the planet." ~Disney

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